Cube Blocks (set of 4) Prop Blocks


Large: 6.5cm width x 6.5cm height x 6.5cm breadth

Medium: 5cm width x 5cm height x 5cm breadth

Small: 3.5cm width x 3.5cm height x 3.5cm breadth

X-Small: 2.5cm width x 2.5cm height x 2.5cm breadth

All prop blocks are supplied raw. You can spray them, paint them, or dye them!

Made from high-quality hardened Acrylic Resin. Handle with care, nicks, and breaks can happen. Slight characteristic imperfections may be visible but can be easily edited out in post-editing apps.

Stack them, use them to create depth of field, and elevate your content creation. Lots of fun!!


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