Chroma Green Solid Fabric Backdrop 3x6m


Chromakey Green Solid Colored Fabric Backdrops are made from high-quality, non-reflective cotton and creates a smooth green screen ideal for video production. Available in3x6m.

Our Fabric backdrops are made from high-quality, glare-free 100% cotton that is durable and machine washable. If you’re looking for a backdrop that can take a bit of a beating and still look great, then muslin is the way to go.  You can crumple it up and throw it into a corner, hang it virtually anywhere, or roll it up and stuff it into a bag for easy transport, and if you’re going for that ultra-smooth look, just steam iron any wrinkles out. Muslin won’t tear or scuff like other types of backdrops, making them hardy and portable industry workhorses.



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