About the Backdrop Shop

My name is Casandra Swart and I am the super proud owner of Backdrop Shop SA (also know as Flatlay Boards SA). I studied graphic design and worked in the field for 20 years, so it has always been a love of mine to create beautiful things. This business started out as my side hustle but I always felt too nervous to go all the way with it. 

The business began with a friend of mine when we saw a gap in the market for gorgeous yet affordable backdrops – you couldn’t find them for love or money in South Africa! I brought the design side of things to the table while she handled photography. We’ve since amicably gone our separate ways and that’s how the Backdrop Shop was born. When I had my baby girl in 2013, I worked long days and night and then would pack orders, answer emails, send invoices, design new ranges while everyone else was sleeping. 

The hours and hours, along with sleepless nights, were all worth it because in 2015 I quit my full-time job, decided things had become a now-or-never moment and I took the leap to go from side hustle to all-in hustle. This turned out to be exactly what my business needed. The injection of new life and energy propelled it forwards as I brought out more ranges, more products, more everything! 

I then decided to expand from backdrops only to incorporating flatlay boards. Again, flatlay boards were a big thing overseas but not in South Africa. Expanding to the overseas market isn’t my priority. I am proudly South African and I cater for people just like me – artistic locals with an eye for beauty! I began to run workshops so clients could learn how to use their flatlay boards most effectively. 

I am never content to stop progressing – there is always something that can be improved. That’s how we went from our initial wooden boards to plastic boards, then bringing in larger mats etc. I recently introduced a mini-studio backdrop structure and I am always adding new ranges for my clients. My community has grown so much and I have loved partnering with brands to grow their content and photography skills by using my backgrounds and flatlays. 

My business is my dream come true. I live by the quote “love what you do, do what you love” and I do exactly that – every single day. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I am so excited to see the places that we will go together.

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